Let us help you go from an idea in your head 
to a written manuscript on paper in 6 months!

Our Next Session will begin on May 17, 2022

Are you ready to write your book, 
but don't know where to start?
“The Getting Started for Authors program has been an absolutely brilliant experience for me and precisely what I needed to assist me with clarifying my focus, refining my target audience, and outlining my book in a manageable way that produces results. 

Jenn, Bailly, Brandi, and my GSFA team have provided me with a safe space to learn, share, grow and accomplish my writing goals. I highly recommend this program and I am sincerely grateful to be a part of the PYP family of authors.”

—Kimberly F.

One of the hardest parts of writing a book is sitting down and getting started. That's why I've created the Getting Started for Authors program. 

This program will help you—

  • Get Into The Author Mindset: Learn best practices for how to create a structure and routine to make the most of your writing time
  • ​Find Your Focus: Save time by having a clearer sense of where your manuscript is going
  • Refine Your Target Audience: Get laser-focused on who your end reader is to make the writing process much easier
  • Identify How Long Your Book Should Be: Develop a solid vision of your book's length to ensure you cross the finish line
  • ​​​Outline Your Book: Make your writing process much smoother by crafting an effective outline and mapping out the direction of your manuscript 
  • Utilize Other Materials: Shortcut the writing process when repurposing materials from other things you've done

Over 6 months we are going to work with you hand in hand to help
you get your manuscript written.

“Getting Started for Authors is a great program. Not many exist like it to help people get started writing. Each cohort can create a welcoming community where your talent will be nourished. Jenn and Bailly are also genuinely warm and encouraging, giving weekly prompts to get you to write. Best wishes on your writing journey.” —Myisha J.

Common Question: What if I finish my writing before our 6-months is up?

Answer: The great news is that we are book publishers, which means our expertise goes well beyond the writing of a manuscript. If you are done with your writing sooner, we begin to prepare you for the next steps of your publishing journey! The next step is typically preparation for editing, which is where we can matchmake you with the best editor for your manuscript. 

Beyond editing, we will also explore everything related to the marketing of your book too (that's one of our superpowers)! 

Be part of a community of authors!

The best part about having a community is knowing that you aren't on this journey alone.

Weekly Sessions will ensure you cross the finish line.

I have worked with hundreds of authors, and I know what you need as a first-time author.

During our 6 months together, in addition to providing you with course materials (blueprints, templates, resources, etc.,) we are going to meet twice a week to ensure you are making progress.

Weekly Strategy Sessions - When you are feeling stuck on how to do something or are looking for strategic guidance in an area of your manuscript, you have access to me (PYP Founder & CEO) to ask any questions you have on a weekly basis. If you are unable to make the live session, you can send me your questions in advance and I'll be sure to answer them for you, so nothing holds you back.

Weekly Writing Sessions - ​You will get accountability through a weekly writing session, which provides a dedicated safe space to get your writing done on a week-to-week basis, to ensure you are making progress over our 6-months together.

Peer Review/Critique 

You will have the opportunity to have your writing critiqued and reviewed by your peers in a safe and encouraging environment. Critiques are provided from a place of support and empowerment among the group, as we work to push each other to be better writers. 
“Prior to joining Getting Started for Authors, I was dabbling with the idea of writing a book and feeling very overwhelmed. In these last 5 months, despite a few health and life challenges, I have made considerable progress in outlining my mind map and how it’s valuable to future readers, and am writing with a clear vision rather than an abstract idea.” —Serpentessa 

Let's talk about something you may not know you need...

There's more to your success than simply writing your book. Unlike most companies, we play THREE KEY ROLES to fully support you as an author. We are your...



Your book’s success is our highest priority. We work with you every step of the way, from manuscript to marketing, to ensure your book is directly aligned with your goals as an author, a thought leader, and as a speaker.



Writing and publishing a book can be an emotional process. Our team is comprised of empathetic, compassionate, and understanding professionals, who are beside you in each step of this journey.



When you feel stumped or are hitting a roadblock, we are there to pick you up, cheer you on, and ensure you cross the finish line and publish your book!

When We Meet—The DATES
May 17, 2022 - November 11, 2022

Strategy Sessions will be every Tuesday at
12p EST
11a CST
10a MST
9a PST

Writing Sessions will be every Friday  at
11a EST
10a CST
9a MST
8a PST

Common Question: Why do you meet in the smack dab middle of my work day?

Answer: In working with hundreds of authors, here's what we know—prioritizing the writing of our books is something that is so difficult to really do. 

We say to ourselves—

    I'll write before anyone wakes up in the morning.

    I'll make time on Sunday to write after my family goes to bed.

    I'll get to the office early and sneak in an hour of writing before anyone needs me.

But it just doesn't happen. Our other obligations in life are what stop us from actually finding the time to write.

When you schedule a program like this into your weekly work calendar, it forces you to focus on it and commit to getting your book written. We know with standing meetings to support in the overall strategy of your book, as well as designated writing time, that in 6 months, you will make significant headway in getting this dream off the ground.

This program focuses on four key areas of your writing process





This is how Getting Started for Authors will support you...


The focus of my company is on purpose and impact. Therefore, it is essential that I illustrate the importance of having a solid purpose for your book project.

Getting into the right mindset as an author can be one of the most rewarding parts of this process. 

- I will show you how surrounding yourself with the right people who believe in you will impact your success. 

- I will show you how to give yourself permission to write a shitty first draft that will free you from writer's block. 

- And I will provide you with known systems and processes that will alleviate any added stress of the unknown as you begin to write.

Without proper accountability it can be very hard to get your book written. Having other people checking in on you and your progress can be a huge motivator to keep going when your writing gets difficult. 

As part of this program, you will be invited into my private Facebook Group where you will receive daily reminders from my team, as well as encouraging words of support from other aspiring authors who are also working on their books. 

And you have the ability to connect with other like-minded authors to help support you throughout your entire writing journey. Having a community can make a huge difference in getting this done.



A critical step in getting your book written is to be focused and organized, using your new and existing materials to your advantage. Therefore, I will guide you using best practices I have gathered from my own experiences and those of other authors. 

This includes areas such as; outlining your manuscript, repurposing existing content from other things you've written, and an amazing software program called Scrivener that will absolutely change the way you think about your manuscript. Not only do I include a Scrivener tutorial video, but I also include a book outline/template for you to utilize, which will save you hours of time setting up your book file—and it will ensure that your book outline is set up properly.

Additionally, I have a Progress Tracker Spreadsheet tool, which if you are a bit on the Type A side (like me) and you want to really track and monitor your writing progress, you'll be able to really see when and where you are most efficient with your writing.
A solid writing routine can make or break the success of your book project. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of really amazing ways to get into your writing groove. As part of this program we invite you into our weekly writer's group that meets two times a week on Zoom, to provide a private, dedicated, and safe space to get your writing done.

When you join this program you will gain access to my top 30 writing tips that will dramatically improve not only the quality of your writing, but the speed of your writing, and your ability to go deeper in recalling stories and experiences. 

My challenge to you is to see if you can write a 33,000 words manuscript in 30-days. That's just 1,100 words per day on your manuscript to have a shitty first draft by the end of the 30 days. You don't need to dive in this aggressively, but I am going to encourage you to crank through it to further release your creative potential. But remember, I'm here with you in our accountability group, so when the times get difficult, you have a support system.


Am I the Right Fit for this Program?

  • Have you been thinking about writing a book for a long time, but haven't really known where to start?
  • ​Do you know that by telling your story you can impact other people who've been through a similar situation?
  • ​Are you already teaching, speaking, training, or consulting around the topic that you want to write about?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I feel really certain Getting Started for Authors would be a great next step in helping you get your book finally written!

What You Get When You Enroll

Over our 6-months together you will receive weekly support in the following ways—

  • Accountability is the key to completing your manuscript. We provide ongoing and consistent accountability throughout our time together.
  • Private Facebook Group - You will get daily accountability through our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, learn from others, and gain valuable insights from myself and the PYP Team.
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions - When you are feeling stuck on how to do something or are looking for strategic guidance in an area of your manuscript, you have access to me (PYP Founder & CEO) to ask any questions you have on a weekly basis.
  • Weekly Writing Sessions - ​ ​You will get accountability through a weekly writing session, that provides a dedicated safe space to get your writing done on a week-to-week basis to ensure you are making progress over our 6-months together.
  • ​10 Video Lessons that guide you through the key areas of the program.
  • ​​30 Writing Tip Videos focused on best practices for getting better at writing and producing a higher quality book at the end of all of your hard work.
  • ​Worksheets that are tried and true that I've personally used when writing my books (6 in total) and over 200 authors I've worked with have used.
  • Over a Dozen Resources that are vetted and available to you as you continue to explore your publishing paths after your manuscript is written (and we are always adding more).

What Aspiring Authors are Saying About the Program

This has been just what I needed to get started. Your tip #4 (from the Writing Challenge videos) that I watched last night just as I was getting started to write validated what was going on in my mind. I was so tempted to just give up on the day since it was so late. However this time I changed the script in my head and reminded myself that consistency is an act of self-love in this case. For the longer that I hold off on writing and taking the daily steps to get my book written, the more upset I become with myself.

Thank you for coming up with this program!

                                                                                              Susan L., Aspiring Author in Hartford, CT
I love you so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With so many people feeling lost and overwhelmed by the Coronavirus, you have stepped into a powerful leadership role as a means to encourage your tribe to step into their power. I LOVE it and I so appreciate you. Without this program I would not have written my book as quickly and as efficiently as I did. 

                                                                                              Bill C., Aspiring Author in Long Island, NY
I had the vision for this book, with absolutely zero idea about the mechanics of writing it. Working through this program helped me refine ideas and get clarity, while also exposing me to other aspects of successfully launching a book out into the world. This program made the process more attainable. You don’t have to go it alone!

                                                                                              Jen O., Aspiring Author in Seattle, WA
During the weekly Writing Group alone, I've gotten an enormous amount of work done. It’s enough accountability to get me to the table and open enough to do what I needed. Hats off! Well done. One of the things I love most about PYP is that you become part of the family, not just a book publishing transaction.

                                                                                            Jamie C., Aspiring Author in Atlanta, GA
Very helpful program is guiding me to create a roadmap through my writing process. I felt very supported through my challenges. For instance, I created a visual goal map for me to measure my progress on writing that has me excited to write down the number of words I write so I feel successful. At a time when I was experiencing burnout, the guidance in this program empowered me to write a chapter on Burnout which is very important in Leadership. To write the chapter while feeling burnout allowed me to find the right words as I was in my experience. 

The materials are very helpful to better understand the process from putting down the first word to utilizing previous content, this program is designed to help you succeed in getting your book written. 

                                                                                          Betsy C, Aspiring Author in Baltimore, MD

About the Program Creator

Passionate about helping people share their stories of diversity and adversity, Jenn T. Grace is the Founder of the Publish Your Purpose Press and has worked with 200+ authors, and published 60+ books.

She is a nationally recognized business strategist, speaker, and award-winning author specializing in the LGBTQ market. Guided by the mantra, “change happens in business,” Jenn believes social change happens first in the workplace before spilling over into mainstream society. 

She is an Amazon Best Selling author and has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Hartford Courant, and CNBC. She holds an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Golden Gate University and a B.S. in Communications from Salem State University.

A marathon runner, animal lover and novice birder, she lives in Hartford, Connecticut with her family.
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